PintClub heads to Cedar Key Pirate Fest!


PintClub be invadin t’ invasion on Saturday!  We hope t’ see ye there.  Visit fer event schedule, pirate groups attending, Thieves Row vendors, an’ pictures of last year’s swashbucklin’*.


See ye there, me hearties!


*Swashbuckling.  v.  1. To jump off stuff and laugh 2. to act with daring, swagger, and the jovial spirit of an adventurer.

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Join us for a Pirate Adventure Beach Cleanup!

International Coastal Cleanup Day is on September 20th this year!  Join us for a Pirate Adventure, or find one of the thousands of projects around the globe by visiting the Ocean Conservancy’s ICCD page.

ICCDLogoThe BE Orlando ICCD Pirate Adventure is a kayak and land -based cleanup effort, free to attend, family and dog friendly, and open to the public.  We meet at JB’s fishcamp and after the clean-up have lunch together at JB’s (self-pay for lunch).  We have a debris scavenger hunt with prizes, and count and record all data from our cleanup to report to the Ocean Conservancy.

For the past 28 years, Ocean Conservancy has inspired millions of volunteers, as well as industry players, the world over to take action by removing and recording trash during the International Coastal Cleanup.  Learn more here.